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The son of an architect and artist and the grandson of a cartoonist, Petaluma, CA artist John Ton was encouraged by teachers/mentors "Mrs. Rau", Bob Lozano and Ken Conklin, pursue  the arts. He was that high school kid we all knew who played hooky from other classes to hang out in the art department. His work has been acquired by the American Visionary Art Museum, Baltimore, and several private collectors.

Thus, now validated as a true visionary, John makes his career as  a signcrafter, a muralist and creator of Ammosaics.  Ammosaics (his original idea) can be created indoors while waiting for the weather to warm up/dry out enough to execute his outdoor mural and sign work -- the bread and butter artistry that pays the bills!  Also in his toolbox are hand lettering with a brush, large scale layouts, billboard painting, gold leafing, sandblasting, woodcarving, welding, concrete casting, glass etching, and stone masonry.

Those who have most influenced John artistically have been his high school art teacher, Ken Conklin and Dutch master Frans Hals. John's aspiration for all artists is for them to be granted more freedom of content.

Even while he is on the road, John can be contacted at:  chickenscatch@yahoo.com 
                                                                            or: 707-322-0009
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